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Preparing Your Home for Winter Part 4: Draft Proofing

It might not seem like much, but 2% of air leakage is through electrical outlets and switch plates in your home, which can cause considerable heat loss for your home.

Solace Home Comfort - Draft Proofing 01As the clouds roll in and the temperature drops, the cozier your home is, the better. Keep it warmer by insulating outlets, an easy and inexpensive project you can do yourself.

Pop by your local hardware store for outlet (or insulation) gaskets. Check the gaskets around the windows and exterior doors of your home, seeing that they are not torn or weathered with age. This small gesture can be done now in preparation for the chilly months to come.

You can call our experts with questions about draft proofing your home at our Burnaby location at 604.291.0342  or our Port Coquitlam location at 604.475.2645