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Why You Should Switch to Natural Gas Fireplaces

Natural gas fireplaces in British Columbia can not only keep you warm and cozy, it can give you big savings in the long run!

Let’s face it, heating your home and water consumes an incredible 78% of the total energy used in your home. According to FortisBC, natural gas space heating units and equipment can give you up to 98 percent more efficiency. Check out the bar graph below to see how natural gas compares with other types of fuels and energy choices:

Annual fuel cost – space heating2, 3
Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast

Solace Home Comfort - Natural Gas Heating - FortisBC

Graph courtesy of FortisBC

Can I save more with common rates? Yes you can!

FortisBC began phasing in common rates for natural gas on January 1, 2015. Customers living on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Powell River saw a rate decrease of 13 per cent. Going forward, you’ll see additional decreases to your rate for the next two years (2016 to 2018).  Learn more.

The benefits of switching

Beyond the cost savings of natural gas, you’ll also enjoy the benefits that natural gas appliances offer:

  • instant, cozy heat at a flick of a switch
  • an abundance of hot water, when you need it
  • cozy fireplace ambiance – perfect for relaxing or entertaining
  • convenience of direct heat and temperature control for cooking

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