Benefits of a Direct Fireplace

With the cost of living becoming an increasingly scary topic, everyone should take time to consider how much money they’re spending on monthly heating bills.

Take advantage of your homes ability to be a safe haven of comfort, convenience, and entertainment by installing a natural gas fireplace. With the cost of natural gas being low, its ability to fuel an efficient fireplace truly makes sense. I’ve yet to meet a single customer who doesn’t want to be comfortable & warm. Here are a few reasons why any homeowner should consider having a natural gas fireplace in their home.

A zero clearance, high efficient gas fireplace is not only an upgrade to a home’s value, but a complete boost to the homeowner’s quality of life. Whether you’re watching a movie, reading a book, or having friends over for glass of wine, having the fireplace turned down in the background makes the space magical.

By zone heating, the home is burning less fuel, cutting costs on monthly bills, and keeping everyone comfortable.  When the power goes out, or your furnace blows up in the dead of some winter’s night, the Valor [for instance] doesn’t require power and will keep the home warm. With direct vent technology, anyone can plunk a brand new zero clearance on an outside wall, and vent it straight out the side of the house.

With a small amount of framing and finishing, the fireplace will look incredible and the finished product will be a transformative one. Most importantly, zone heating saves you money, cuts back on excessive energy consumption, and makes the home more comfortable. It’s also incredibly convenient. The modulating valve allows the homeowner to turn the flame up or down depending on what he/she wants. To boot, they’re incredibly easy to use because they can be operated with a remote, or a simple wall switch. Yes, installing a natural gas fireplace makes you comfortable, wealthier, environmentally conscious and awesome.

Give it a go…..Here’s a BEFORE & AFTER example of a few of our wonderful customers’ homes.

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