Solace Home Comfort - Our Story

Our Beginnings

You may be surprised to learn that the creators of Solace Home Comfort are an architect, an engineer and a medical doctor. However, this unlikely trio of professionals was the exact union needed to introduce a unique company in the industry of Hearth and HVAC.

The brains behind this group were able to change the fireplace and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning industry by combining their expertise in the their fields.

This is how the concept of the whole house as a system was developed.The guiding principles when creating hearth, heating and ventilation, and air-conditioning systems were founded in 1977. To begin with, design and appearance was important. Next, building and mechanical sciences-how does the system work? And lastly, the quality of life, environment and health that these systems would affect.

The perspective that the architect provided was one of particular sensitivity to issues such as design, function and creative solutions to home comfort challenges.

The engineer emphasized building science and tackled issues of heat loss, air leakage and heat recovery ventilation. He addressed performance of mechanical design, air flow and the need to size equipment for comfort and efficiency.

While the medical doctor raised questions about health concerns such as particulates, dust removal, humidity control, mold and mildew, and high efficiency air filtration.

Without one founders ingenuity and expertise, or another founders passion and dedication Solace would not have the foundation to be the company it is today. One that prides itself on dedication to well-being and quality of living by bringing innovative solutions to the age old search for warmth, comfort and solace.