Outdoor Lighting Options and Tips

Those of us living on the West Coast wait all year for the weather to warm up because it means one thing: Patio Season! Nothing says summer quite like a warm night watching the sunset in a wooden adirondack chair or enjoying something cool and refreshing in the open air. When the sun goes down and you’re not quite ready to turn in, the right kind of lighting optimizes the time you get to spend outdoors.

Having your friend over for a BBQ doesn’t haven’t to be moved indoors when you have enough lighting to see one another or find the cooler with ease. If it’s just a romantic evening for two, forgo the candles and opt for the glow of string lights or glow-in-the-dark potted planters.

Coming soon from Valor is a new outdoor fireplace, sure to wow guests and keep them warm as the summer months turn to fall. Pioneered by a local North Vancouver company because here on the West Coast, we never want patio season to end. In the mean time, here are so inexpensive ways to decorate your yard, balcony, patio or deck  beautifully and effectively-with light!

  • UP-CYCLED CAN LANTERNS: hold onto those canned vegetable, paint or soup cans! Start of by washing them thoroughly. The next step is to paint them any colour or colours you like, be as bold as you like. Next, use a nail and hammer or drill to make small holes (randomly or in a pattern) around the can, be sure to do all around and two holes on opposite sides of the cans, right near the top lid. Then add wire for a handle (optional). Lastly, place a battery operated candle inside and place around your outdoor space. If you using a real candle, be sure to blow them out at the end of the evening, and never leave candles unattended.

  • GLOW-THE-DARK PLANTERS: This one is easy! Simply buy the glow in the dark paint at your craft store and follow the instructions for how many coats. Leave to dry and in the sun all day, by night fall you have a natural, solar-powered light source!

  • DECORATIVE TWIGS: These delicate string lights can be found at hardware and craft stores, usually around Christmas time. If you have your own twigs, simply wrap the wires around the branches. Otherwise, decorative branches can be found in craft or home decor stores as well!

  • LANTERN STRING LIGHTS: Most of know how effective simple, white outdoor string lights can be in making a space look romantic and stylish. For a unique look, make sure you have a few extra yards. Drill a hole through a lid to a mason jar, string the lights through the hole and let them bunch up in the jar. String the lights back through, and close the lid up!