Benefits of a Direct Fireplace

With the cost of living becoming an increasingly scary topic, everyone should take time to consider how much money they’re spending on monthly heating bills. Take advantage of your homes ability to be a safe haven of comfort, convenience, and entertainment by installing a natural gas fireplace. With the cost of natural gas being low, […]

We Were Featured on Vancouver’s Love It or List it With Jillian Harris!

We had the opportunity to install a Valor Fireplace for Jillian Harris’s show, Love it Or List It! Here’s what she had to say about it: “Had so much fun with the Valor Fireplaces team on set today!!!! Thank you for stopping by and just in time for another stunning reveal… XOXO”

Solace Home Comfort - Valor Natural Gas Fireplace

Why You Should Switch to Natural Gas Fireplaces

Natural gas fireplaces in British Columbia can not only keep you warm and cozy, it can give you big savings in the long run! Let’s face it, heating your home and water consumes an incredible 78% of the total energy used in your home. According to FortisBC, natural gas space heating units and equipment can […]

Solace Home Comfort - Draft Proofing

Preparing Your Home for Winter Part 4: Draft Proofing

It might not seem like much, but 2% of air leakage is through electrical outlets and switch plates in your home, which can cause considerable heat loss for your home. As the clouds roll in and the temperature drops, the cozier your home is, the better. Keep it warmer by insulating outlets, an easy and inexpensive […]

Solace Home Comfort - Winter Furnace Service

Preparing Your Home for Winter Part III: Furnace Service

As the leaves start to change colour many of us know it’s about time to pull the rake out of the shed, but another step in preparation is to make an appointment for your furnace’s annual check-up. Filters must be change for effective air flow-which alleviates stress on your furnace’s blower system. The condensate tubes […]

Solace Home Comfort - Smoke Detectors

Preparing Your Home for Winter Part II: Detectors

With winter around the corner Vancouverites will be spending more time indoors with their friends and family. Risk of house fires increase in the wintertime so it’s important to keep your family and home safe with smoke, heat and fire detectors. The Red Cross recommends replacing the batteries in smoke alarms no less than twice […]

Preparing Your Home for Winter Part 1: Fireplaces

As summer is (sadly) coming to an end it’s time to retire our swimsuits and sunblock and think of different ways to get warm. In this four part blog series, we will explore ways to prep your home for the winter. This week, we will focus on fireplaces and the difference between inserts and traditional wood burning […]

Solace Home Comfort - Our Story

Our Beginnings

You may be surprised to learn that the creators of Solace Home Comfort are an architect, an engineer and a medical doctor. However, this unlikely trio of professionals was the exact union needed to introduce a unique company in the industry of Hearth and HVAC. The brains behind this group were able to change the […]

Solace Home Comfort - New Home Heating & Cooling Blog

We Have Launched Our New Blog!

Solace Home Comfort is very excited to announce the launch of our brand new blog which will focus on the world of home heating, furnaces, cooling systems and more! Not only that, we’ll be providing tips, resources, and information on how to ensure you get what you need to make your home as comfortable as […]