Why Do You Need Barrier Screens for Fireplaces?

Bringing a fireplace into your home is a great way to add style and warmth to any room. First and foremost, however, is safety. Barrier screens provide protection to the fingertips from hot glass and help prevent the glass from being scratched or cracked.

With every Valor fireplace, a Valor Barrier screen is equipped. When CSA standards required barriers on all fireplaces by 2015, Valor was ahead of the game having including them on all models since 2013. Valuing safety above all else, without compromising on aesthetic.

Will the screens affect the flames or heat performance?

By using a fine wire mesh for the barriers Valor was able to implement safety without hindering the radiant heat or blocking the visibility of the flames. That way every log, timber, flame and brick remains properly showcased.

Always remember that fireplace surfaces, especially the glass window are extremely hot both during use and for some time after. While Valor barrier screens protect you and the fireplace itself, heat can still escape! Supervision is recommended around young children, and at-risk individuals in your home.

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